House Of Representatives Legitimizes Birther Conspiracy With New Bills

As Attorney General Eric Holder faces a new round of criticism, Chris Wallace of “Fox News Sunday” discussed with House Judiciary Committee Chair?Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) the contradiction in Holder’s testimonies about how the justice department handles the investigation of reporters. But the discussion drifted down an unusual path.

On May 15th, 2013 Holder testified under oath:

[The] potential prosecution of the press with the disclosure of the materials, that is not something that I’ve ever been involved or heard of.

Well, Holder is implying something different now. As questions arise about the department’s role in gathering and subpoenaing information about Associated Press and Fox News reporters, Holder actually called a reporter a “potential co-conspirator.”

The question is, did Attorney General Eric Holder lie under oath? Is he guilty of perjury??I think those are the questions that are plaguing more people’s minds, including Democrats.

He may have. This morning’s trio discussed it at length. Insert here 10 minutes of the same brainless political rhetoric that we can all hear 24/7 on Fox News and MSNBC. We’ll see what happens when Holder has an opportunity to explain himself. But forget all of this really important stuff. The question that plagues the Republican members of the House is whether or not President Obama is eligible to be president. Yeah, really.

When the three finished talking about Holder, Wallace asked Goodlatte if he was in support of a?”comprehensive immigration reform plan, including a path to citizenship.” Well of course Latte isn’t. Duh. But ?he did say that the House is?”hard at work on this problem” and that they are trying to fix our “broken immigration system” and are “dedicated to solving” all three of the following problems:?”legal immigration, our enforcement, and?figuring out the appropriate legal status for people who are not lawfully president of the U.S.”

Goodlatte continued by saying that the House is working on a “step-by-step approach” and have “introduced a series of bills in the house.” He said that the final outcome of the legislation is not yet known.

Really?!? The House is working on a series of bills that are in direct response to the infamous birther conspiracy? Wow. And the house is “dedicated” to solving all three of the problems? Wow again. With all the concerns we have about the condition of our country, our House of Representatives is focused on the birther conspiracy? Unbelievable.

Now Goodlatte didn’t precisely SAY Barack Obama, but let me ask you this: when in history has there EVER been talk like this? When has the legal status of ANY president ever been questioned. Never. Do you think Goodlatte is referring to the 11 million immigrants who might try to sneak around and become president? I’ll bet that’s what it is. Not.

We can certainly see why the House never gets anything accomplished.

All quotes in this article are from the “Fox News Sunday” June 2/2013 broadcast.birther representative

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