Tea Party Leader Says ‘Sex Is Not About Fun’

Oh boy. How would you like to be married to this butt-clown? If the faces of the folks in the audience are any indication, their own women (and for sure not their men) can’t even get on board with the GOP and Tea Party stance that “sex is not about fun.” Yes, World Net Daily contributor and Tea-Nut activist Jerome Corsi really did say that at a conservative event in Oregon in early August. In those exact words. He elaborated.

Sex is about the pro-creation of children. It’s a sacred responsibility and is meant by God for men and women to commit their lifetime to children.

Because so many people are lined up to pro-create with this dude, eh? I’ll bet it’s his wife who worked to get him to this paradigm….

Corsi even hinted that the Founding Fathers may have foreseen same-sex marriage and worked a protection against equality into the Constitution.

Our founding fathers knew that if we went this direction, there was no more moral compass and you won’t be able to explain to your children ? you’ll have to face the fact that we lost holding the line on one of the most principle issues in the Bible, and that is sex is not about fun.

Because the Founding Fathers spent so much time thinking about equality and same-sex marriage. And of course, the Founding Fathers didn’t enjoy sex, did they?

Founding Fathers Sex Scandals
Source: Hampton Roads and Douglas Orleski

How does Mr. Corsi think we should have fun? Well….

If you want to have fun, read a book, go to a movie.

And if we have trouble making sure people understand that sex is not about fun? Mr. Fun Guy demands that we “shut the government down” and “fire on the spot” any preachers who won’t stand up for Tea Party Biblical principles.

Enjoy the video:

Featured image source: Salon

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