Surprise! Zimmerman 15 Minutes Of Fame Ending In Divorce

Shellie Zimmerman, the 26-year-old wife of acquitted killer George Zimmerman, has filed for divorce. After almost 7 years of marriage and standing by him during the trial of the Trayvon Martin slaying, she now believes she never

…really knew him at all.

This request for divorce comes less than two months after Mr. Zimmerman was found not guilty in the murder of an unarmed teenage black boy. In an exclusive interview with “ABC News”, Mrs. Zimmerman states:

I have a selfish husband. And I think George is all about George.

Continuing, she claims he was, at times, verbally abusive and hurt her

emotionally, but never physical.

She also said she believes the not guilty verdict left him feeling ?invincible?.

Zimmerman Divorce Filing

While the paperwork for the divorce was being filed Friday morning, ABC could report the following:

  • She is seeking an ?equitable distributor? of assets, including anything Mr. Zimmerman might gain in a defamation suit against NBC
  • Sole custody of their two dogs.
  • She lists herself as unemployed, with monthly living expenses of $755

Since their separation in mid-August, George Zimmerman has given her $4,300 for living expenses. The source of the funds is unclear, but appears to be his legal defense fund. Last week, Shellie Zimmerman received 100 hours of community service and a year’s probation for lying to a judge during Mr. Zimmerman’s bail hearing about the couples’ finances.

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