The Koch Brothers, Ron and Rand Paul, and the John Birch Society

Patriotic Americans should know the connection running through the?far right wing Koch Brothers, Ron and Rand Paul, and the John Birch Society?(JBS). But first, here are some facts about the John Birch Society, its history, and the ideology that it promotes.

The JBS was founded in 1958 by Robert Welch, a Massachusetts Republican Party official, wealthy business man, and board member of the ultra conservative National Review.

The JBS was fervently anti-Communist and actively involved in activities designed to uncover and root out Communist infiltration and conspiracies within the United States and our Government. The goal was that the United States have a greatly diminished Federal Government out of the business of social programs, regulation, public works, and education, and where men were free to conduct their business without Government intervention and with zero taxation of the rich. Tax exempt religious organizations was the preferred vehicle to ensure that the ultra wealthy would pay no taxes on business operations. Regular people would be poor, uneducated, and powerless, unable to join labor unions as they would not be allowed.

The original connection between the JBS and the Koch brothers is found through their father, Fred Koch, one of the original founding members and financial backer of the JBS. The brothers, David and Charles, inherited a fortune from their father when he passed away in 1967. David and Charles have now become famous for their involvement in funding and promoting far right wing causes and candidates, which include Congressman Ron Paul and his son, Senator Rand Paul.

William F. Buckley, Jr., widely recognized as the father of modern American Conservatism and the founder of the National Review, became concerned about the growing influence of the JBS over the Republican Party and Conservative politics. Beginning with his February, 1962 essay, Buckley began warning readers of the dangers posed by the JBS, eventually effectively removing it from the GOP and banishing its followers to the far right wing fringe of American political thought.

Folks, the JBS, through the Koch brothers, is back embedding itself in the hierarchy of the GOP. And the JBS might really be at the root of both the Tea Party and the Libertarian Party. Consider the connection between the failed Presidential bids by Congressman Ron Paul, the JBS, and the Koch brothers.

On October 4, 2008, Libertarian darling, Congressman Ron Paul was the featured speaker at the John Birch Society’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in Madison Wisconsin. While he did not claim to be a member of the JBS, this was not the first time that Congressman Paul endorsed the JBS and gave it his full throated public endorsement.
JBS President, John McManus, said this about Congressman Paul:

?If you like Ron Paul, you’ll love the John Birch Society.”

Congressman Paul also addressed the National Council Dinner of the John Birch Society on October 29, 2005. The speech, in its entirety, can be found on youtube.

The John Birch Society website endorsed Rand Paul prior to the 2010 Republican Primary for Senate and after Rand Paul won the nomination. And both Ron and Rand Paul have been given 100% Conservative ratings by the John Birch Society. Senator Paul’s views are regularly featured on the JBS website. All one need do is visit the JBS website to check this out.

In 1980, David Koch was the Libertarian Party Candidate for Vice President. The Koch brothers have gone on to merge the failed Libertarian Party, which has never won any substantial voter support, with the fake grass roots Tea Party, through their funding of the Tea Party Express and Americans for Prosperity. While the Koch brothers deny membership in the JBS, the organization their father helped start, they make no denials of their active funding of and their involvement with the Tea Party and Tea Party candidates.

Then there is the connection with Glen Beck, banished from FNC by Rupert Murdoch, after making a name for himself on that very same network. Mr. Beck now promotes the JBS playbook to his small but rabid internet audience while continuing to receive Tea Party endorsement and support.

Now, just because the Koch brothers? father was one of the founders of the John Birch Society, that, in and of itself, does not mean that they too are full-throated supporters of the JBS and the JBS ideology. And just because Ron Paul is endorsed by and is a regular speaker to the JBS does not, in and of itself, mean that Congressman Paul supports the JBS ideology and policies. And just because Ron Paul is the father of Rand Paul, this, in and of itself, does not mean that Senator Paul supports the JBS ideology and policies. But the connections are clearly there.

So when you have the opportunity to engage someone who says that they support the Libertarian Party, or the Libertarian ideology, or the Tea Party, and in particular, Congressman Ron Paul or Senator Rand Paul, please take some time to bring some of these connections to their attention. Ask them to check into these connections. And ask them, are the policies that the Koch brothers pursue good for everyday Americans and for the country as a whole?

My answer is a resounding no and a warning to my fellow Americans. There is great danger at the root of the Tea Party movement and in the hijacking of the Libertarian ideology by this fake grassroots movement intended to fool everyday Americans into believing that it is acceptable and mainstream. It hides the intended take over of the United States Government by a handful of super wealthy individuals and families.

Please folks, beware.

Edited/Published by: SB

I am the voice of my human parents. Dad, 59, mom 57, both retired lawyers. Dad worked privately as a personal injury lawyer in the Philadelphia, PA area before retirement. He has a BA in Political Science, a Masters in Secondary Social Studies Education and he did some public school teaching before retiring again. Mom also has a BA in Political Science and she spent her entire 33 year career working as an attorney for a US Defense Department Agency located in Philadelphia, PA. She spent the last four years of her career as the Chief Counsel. She retired in April of this year. I have two human brothers, both Graduates of the George Washington University. My older human brother is working his way up in Airport Management at the Philadelphia International Airport. My younger human brother is a Peace Corps veteran.