Why Rape Is Sincerely ‘Hilarious’ — A Comedian Explains (VIDEO – TRIGGER WARNING)


Men don’t talk about being sexually assaulted. I realize some do, but if we hear stories about men being raped, it’s most often stories about them being raped by other men. Heterosexual men who are raped by women are reluctant to report it as rape. Why is that?

In short: society dictates that?men are supposed to enjoy it when the perpetrator is a woman.

The societal attitude is that men can’t really be raped by women. The age-old argument is that because they get erections, they’re turned on. Many critics of male rape victims even suggest it must mean a 13-year-old boy is GAY if he’s traumatized after being seduced by a teacher or other trusted adult female. The message is that if a boy is not “hot for teacher” there must be something wrong with him.


Vaudeville comedian?Andrew Bailey?nails it in this YouTube video. There is a huge societal pressure for men to remain silent when they’ve been sexually assaulted by women. This video has angered many YouTubers — they’ve had to disable the comments — but it’s urgently important that we continue to shed a spotlight on male victims of sexual assault and highlighting the male rape victim’s experience as Bailey did is a very effective way of delivering this message.

From the video description:?There will be triggers for some viewers but, if you watch, please watch the whole thing before passing judgment.

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