This Disturbing Video Shows A Man Abusing His Pregnant Wife On A Train


Domestic violence pregnant woman on train
Screengrab via YouTube

This disturbing video shows one of the worst domestic violence episodes I’ve ever seen caught on video. While on a commuter train, a man is shown continuously berating his pregnant wife or girlfriend as she pleads with him to stop. She repeatedly asks “why do you do this to me?” as he?continuously?tells her to “calm down your bullsh*t.”

She seems to get some courage, probably due to being surrounded by so many people, and says “I’m tired of you putting your hands on me.” When she reaches out to push him, he moves and looks like he’s going to choke her. A group of several men, all of whom are clearly shocked and upset, stands up and demands that the abuser?stop.

At one point a woman in a nearby seat gets up to give the pregnant woman her seat and the boyfriend refuses to let her sit down, saying “She’s alright, she’s alright. No, she’s gonna stand up.”

When?the victim?says “I’m not scared of you,” her abuser reacts violently. The people on the train begin to freak out and move in to protect the pregnant woman as they scream at him not to touch her.?

At about 8:00, a nearby woman stands up and begins to talk to the abuser in a calm manner, obviously trying to defuse the situation. He then threatens her.

At 9:20, another man on the train attacks the abuser and begins to beat him up. The victim becomes frantic and panicked and stars screaming for him to “leave my man alone.” THIS IS NORMAL. Many abused women do this. The abusive relationship is generally highly codependent.

Women and men on the train begin to try to tell her to just leave him and “walk away from him.” At 11:10, she begins to explain why she stays. “I don’t have nobody.” There you go, folks.

There’s a terrifying reality here. If this man is doing this in public, it’s easy to imagine the even more intense domestic violence that occurs?at home in private. This night probably didn’t end well for this young woman.

What would you do in this situation?


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