Bobby Jindal To Appear In Season Premier Of ‘Duck Dynasty’


Bobby Jindal Duck Dynasty

Here is a secret that I don’t share with everyone, but I’ll share it with our Liberal Americans. I read a LOT of news. Like all day long, every day. And I often see a headline that makes me laugh out loud. Not mean laughter, but genuine gleeful “OMG this is funny” laughter. When my friend sent me this story about Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) ?appearing on the season premier of Duck Dynasty, that was one of those moments.

The Times-Picayune reports that Jindal will be appearing on the iconic redneck show so that he can present an award for entrepreneurship to Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson.

Here is another secret that I’ll share with our Liberal Americans: when Duck Dynasty first aired, I watched it. I didn’t just watch it — I loved it! I recorded it! The first night that I discovered the show happened to be a Duck Dynasty marathon night. I stayed up all night watching it.

As you guys know, I’m a Texan country girl who spent her formative years in the mountains in Arkansas. I’m an educated country girl. I’m not just saying that. I really am. I’m as country as corn, minus all the typical country stuff like racism, etc…So this whole modern day Beverly Hillbillies story, complete with educated rednecks having to interact daily and on a business level with uneducated rednecks, was right up my alley. It was hilarious to me.

However, the show — and the over-the-top characters who star on it — lost its allure for me when they started openly revealing their homophobia, advocation of?marrying very young girls, and racism — and when they began to involve themselves in politics.

Bobby Jindal Duck Dynasty

And now, here we have the ridiculous Bobby Jindal making guest appearances on the show. And the first lady of Louisiana, Jindal’s wife Supriya, teaming up with Korie Robertson in civic activities.

Jindal infamously defended Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson when A&E threatened to remove him from the show for his controversial and offensive remarks?about gay people and African-Americans?made in a GQ magazine interview.

This won’t be Jindal’s?first guest appearance on the show. In February, he visited the Duck Commander headquarters to present Willie Robertson with the Governors Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence. To be fair, this award was well-deserved and well-earned, even though the award seems to have been created just for these guys. Yes, they were the very first to receive it. Jindal’s office said that the award will be given our periodically to “homegrown Louisiana businesses” that are expanding. Ah.

These guys are savvy businessmen, as evidenced not only by the success of their company but in their meteoric monetization of their Duck Dynasty merchandising genius.

Apparently we really do have no idea about the power of the Duckmen. My friend who sent me this tip said this:

“More Louisiana fun. You have no clue how nuts people are about this show down here…. entire sections of every Walmart?have been dedicated to Duck Dynasty merchandise.”

Bobby Jindal Duck Dynasty

Hey Gov. Jindal? I know rednecks. I know how they think, how the talk, and how they behave. I could write the book on rednecks. Your parents immigrated to the U.S. from India. If you think that these people don’t secretly despise your heritage, you’re even crazier than all of these worshipful antics make you appear to be. So keep getting in bed with these guys. I’m sure it will endear you to your fellow Louisianians.

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