Bachmann: Marriage Equality Advocates “Want To Let Adults Prey On Children Sexually”

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Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) always seems to have something asinine to say, and occasionally strays from the generally stupid to the truly offensive. This time, she claims that advocates of same sex marriage equality want to “abolish age of consent laws” and “want to let adults prey on little children sexually.” In the audio, posted by?Right Wing Watch, she insistently pushes her religious pseudo-morality on others, while maintaining that the equality movement is “an effort to government coerce, force, speech and behavior.” Apparently, the goal is to “not allow diversity of opinion on this issue.”

The comments took place during an edition of the “Faith and Liberty” show. The full interview can be found here.

Here’s the audio excerpt in question:

If you couldn’t bear to listen to it, here’s the transcript (with commentary):

Host Dave Garrison: One of my previous guests said that the way immorality, which is what you are talking about, gets into culture is first they argue for tolerance, then acceptance, and then celebration, and I added that after celebration, there is intolerance to those that disagree with their immoral positions. Does this seem the way the gay rights advocates have treated people with a Christian worldview, or people that disagree with them?

Lying is wrong, morally. Theft is wrong. Murder is wrong. Homosexuality is religiously wrong, but it is certainly not a universally agreed upon sense of morality. Furthermore, there are plenty of Christian supporters for same-sex equality — the right wing might have the loudest and most aggressive proselytizers, but they don’t have a monopoly on a religion with 10,000 sects in the United States alone. Furthermore, tolerance as a virtue does not translate to tolerance of the intolerant. That is equatable to spinelessness. Meekly accepting the negative definition offered by bigots would not be “tolerance.” It would be acquiescence.

Bachmann comes in at this point, replying:

Rep. Bachmann: That’s where we are now. As a matter of fact, we see that in legislation being pushed all across the United States to punish people who don’t agree with that viewpoint. And I think that’s very reflective of where we are at in the culture and why we see the rise of tyranny.

I have to cut in here again. Notice that she views anti-discrimination laws as “the rise of tyranny.” Meaning she thinks her right to infringe on the rights of others is being infringed upon. She continues,

Cont.: It’s the basis for hate speech laws across the United States. It is an attempt to have government coerce and force speech and behavior. Let me say that again. This is an effort to have government coerce, force, speech and behavior. And it is being pushed and advocated by the gay community. This is their ultimate goal, is to not allow for diversity of opinion on this issue. Because they don’t want to be celebrated — they want to force everyone to not only agree with them, but also have to finance their agenda. And they also believe that they have the right, David, to determine on a near-daily basis what their agenda is. Today, the big push is on transgender. And so they’re continuing to push this down the road. I believe we’re going to see coming an effort for multiples in marriage. Not just two — but multiples in marriage. I think they want to legalize that. I think also they want to abolish age of consent laws, which means children…we would do away with statutory rape laws, so that adults would be able to freely prey on little children sexually. That’s the deviance we’re seeing being embraced in our culture today.?(Emphasis added)

The crazy is strong in this one. If Bachmann can’t see the?extreme?degree of difference between what goes on between two consenting adults and the deviance of adults preying on children, it’s pretty obvious she isn’t mentally well enough to hold national office. The fact that she represents?any?district in our nation is highly embarrassing.

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