Alabama Teacher Suspended After Students Reenact Michael Brown Shooting – UPDATED


WSFA has reported that the internal investigation of a teacher accused of having her students reenact the Michael Brown shooting is complete. Administrators made the decision to suspend the teacher without pay. However, she will eventually return back to the classroom.?Superintendent Don Willingham did not share how long the teacher would be suspended. The teacher’s identity has also not been released.

In a town that has seen some of the most poignant moments of the Civil Rights Movement, an elementary school teacher in Selma, Alabama has been suspended?after asking her sixth grade students to research and reenact the recent shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

During a lesson on current events, the teacher was asked about the recent shooting of Michael Brown. The Selma Times-Journal reports that the teacher then asked the students to go online, research the incident, and then act out the incident during class. They were asked to find out such details such as how many times Brown was shot.

The teacher’s assignment was brought to the attention of other parents and administrators when parent, Jessica Baughn, posted a complaint on a local Facebook page.

Screencap via Facebook.

Baughn shared with WSFA that the students used?”paper guns and paper bullets.”

?They actually shot them out of this made gun. The child falls on the ground like he’s dead.?

She also shared that a white child played the role of Officer Darren Wilson, and a black student played the part of Michael Brown.

Don Willingham, the superintendent of the Dallas County Schools, has stated they are investigating it as quickly as they can and has placed the teacher on administrative leave with pay while they conduct an investigation.


?We wish the conversation didn’t have to take place, but it’s been reported to us, and we’re addressing it as quick as we can.?

Willingham has stated he will continue investigating the matter and plans to interview more students who were present in the classroom. Due to the ongoing investigation, the teacher’s identity has yet to be revealed by the school system.

What do you think Liberal Americans? Appropriate classroom assignment or inappropriate? I’m going to go with completely inappropriate.

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