Girl Makes Baseball History, Fox News Anchorman Asks Why She Didn’t Do Something ‘Female Friendly’

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I’m always amazed when I watch Fox News and see not only the really dumb things that some of the male anchors say, and the female anchors — in this case, Elisabeth Hasselbeck — frequently having to apologize for their clueless counterparts. This clip, for example, from Fox & Friends, shows host Eric Bolling asking 13-year-old?Mo’ne Davis? — who pitched a shutout Mid-Atlantic Regional final game, leading her team, the Taney Dragons, to the Little League World Series ?– why she didn’t do a more “female friendly” sport.

From Upworthy:

Mo’ne Davis and her 70 mph fastball made history and the cover of Sports Illustrated, but she still has to deal with people like this gentleman. I’m sorry, Mo’ne. High five to you for the look you gave him.


Really? Really? Yeah.

Here is some of the?transcript:

Eric: Hey, quick question, Mo’Ne. What about, you know, a typically, I don’t know, more female-friendly sport like soccer, no?

Hasslebeck: Should I give him a little hit right here, like a little punch for saying that?

Mo’Ne: Well, I play soccer, actually, but I don’t consider it as my favorite sport.

Hasslebeck:?Do you think you could strike Eric out?

Mo’Ne: Soccer’s fun.

Hasslebeck:?Could you strike Eric out?

Eric: Now, there’s a challenge. You think so, Mo’Ne?

Mo’Ne: Yes.

Eric: All right.

Mo’Ne: Uh-huh.

Wanna see her throw? Watch. Must watch.

Here is my question to Fox News anchorman Eric Bolling: You brushed against greatness, you witless buffoon. Was there nothing more important you could think of to ask her? Not even one other thing?

One Twitter user said it perfectly.


You know what??Mo’ne’s?got this. As Steve Bandura — her first coach and the man who discovered her when she was seven-years-old said — describes her.

“The thing about that story is that she really doesn’t know,” Bandura said. “She’s not self-conscious at all. She doesn’t get too high or too low and nothing fazes her, as people are seeing. And she’s all about the team, which is why her teammates love her.”

Nothing fazes her. Yes, we can see that. Mo’ne, we are so proud of you on so many levels.

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