Passenger Shaming Instagram Account Reveals The Ugly Side Of Travelers

Passenger Shaming is a new Facebook and Instagram account that describes itself as follows:

Photos of a**holes taken by anonymous flight attendants & passengers from all over the world. Don’t end up here.

Don’t do these things, people!

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I don’t know if he’s plucking her eyebrows or popping pimples, but does it even matter?

Remember when the Mile High Club was sort of exciting and elite? Now it’s just sort of sad and lonely, it seems.

Look behind you!

Don’t leave your girlfriend in the bathroom when you’re “done” with her.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Yes, that is a bra that a man is using to hold his sleep apnea machine onto his face.

Well that bites.

In what universe does someone think this is OK?

And THIS is one of the reasons people don’t like people with babies. Thanks for making all parents look bad, jerk. Yes, those are dirty diapers. And food. And everything else.

I’m trying to figure out why/how her bra got wet in the first place.

This photo speaks for itself.

Yes, she is shaving her legs.

Yes, it was a poopy diaper.

Nothing a pair of scissors would fix — if we were allowed to have them on the plane.

How….? Why….?


No need to get dressed up…or dressed…for your flight.

(the pants….look at the pants)

Who else is just glad this idiot practices safe sex?


Again….in what universe is this OK?

She is popping pimples on his back. Really.

“If you have a child with you and you hear a constant *DING DING DING DING DING DING DING*… kindly LOOK UP.”

Parenting fail. Really freakin’ inconsiderate.

Pardon me while I prop up my wig.

Yeah, that’s someone’s spit cup. That they used while dipping snuff or tobacco.

And that is exactly what it looks like. Forget the passengers — this kid is now scarred for life!

h/t Complex

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