Armed Militia Group To Confront Black Democrats At Wisconsin Polling Places

From Liberaland:

A self-described armed militia group in Wisconsin plans to target African American Democrats and responded to the controversy in the typical way: You’re a racist if you call out racism. ?We prefer our people be armed,? Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia’s Facebook page reads. ?Some will be heading to some of Milwaukee, Racine, and Beloit’s worst areas. We will be armed with a list of people to look for at each location.?

The group shared a photo on their Facebook page of the kind of people they’ll be targeting. Their Facebook page has been taken down, either by them or (more likely) Facebook. How fortuitous that our friends at Liberaland captured a screenshot.



But they’re aren’t targeting ONLY black Democrats, they say! From their Facebook page:

?We can assure you that we will be targeting all democrats, not just black ones. If you think we meant blacks only it is because you are a racist who thinks the only people with warrants are black. We know better because we have a nice list of people who are wanted democrat activist types. Most are actually white. We will target everyone.?

Group leader Patrick Murray confirms that his group will only be targeting Democrats — no Republicans.


From PoliticusUSA:

The fact that they are targeting a specific group of individuals based on race and perceived political affiliation means that their operation is a violation of the Voting Rights Act. According to the Justice Department, ?The administration of elections is chiefly a function of state government. However, federal authorities may become involved where there are possible violations of federal law. In cases where intimidation, coercion, or threats are made or attempts to intimidate, threaten or coerce are made to any person for voting or attempting to vote, the Department of Justice can consider whether there is federal jurisdiction to bring civil claims or criminal charges under federal law. Depending on the nature of the allegations, they may fall into the jurisdiction of different parts of the Department. If you have information about allegations of intimidation, please contact us.?

This is Scott Walker country. Keepin’ it classy. If you want to contact the U.S. Dept. of Justice about this, you can do so via their website. Many people complaining will be more likely to draw attention to this serious issue.

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