Boston Herald Runs Extremely Racist Obama Watermelon Cartoon

A racist political cartoon in Wednesday’s copy of The Boston Herald shows makes a reference to Pres. Obama, the White House intruder, and watermelon. From Boston Magazine:

The cartoon depicts President Barack Obama brushing his teeth in the bathroom of the White House, as the man recently accused of storming the building and getting past Secret Service security washes himself in the bathtub to the President’s surprise.

In the political drawing, sketched by resident Herald artist Jerry Holbert, the man in the tub is asking Obama if he has tried ?watermelon-flavored? toothpaste, tapping into a stereotype that has ties to slavery, and how African Americans were perceived by white people in the 19th and 20th century.

obama watermelon toothpaste cartoon
Boston Herald/Jerry Holbert

From Jim Romenesko:

Former Boston Herald staffer Greg Reibman first called this ?unfortunate,? then changed that to ?outrageous.? I’ve asked Herald editorial page editor Rachelle Cohen about the cartoon and will post her response when/if she returns my call.

From Greg Reibman’s Twitter:

The artist is Jerry Holbert.

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