The Shameful Past And Present Of Nancy Grace: How Many Lies Will It Take?

In a lawsuit filed Monday, popular television crime analyst, Dancing with The Stars alum, and former Georgia state prosecutor Nancy Grace was hit by the Karma Train yet again.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc


The suit states that Grace told her millions of viewers that plaintiff Benjamin Seibert was “a textbook serial killer” after a photo of him turned up on a phone not belonging to him. The phone belonged to a woman whose home was broken into, the selfie in question was found, and Seibert was called in by local law enforcement where he was later released?and determined to have had no involvement in the crime.

Nancy didn’t stop there with Mr. Seibert, however. She continued her assault, dubbing him the “Selfie Stalker.” Even after the local police informed Grace that her broadcasts were not true, she kept at it. The suit is seeking more than $100,000 in damages from Grace and Crime Stoppers, who, after police cleared Seibert, took a prolonged time to remove his information from their site.

This is not the first time Grace has been sued. She just settled a case where Grace?stated misinformation on her show about a murder suspect. The plaintiff, Michael Skakel, accused Ms. Grace of slander after she told viewers that there was DNA evidence linking him to a murder from 1975, without having anything to back it up. In fact, this was not the case. Grace seems to have built her career on misinformation, verbal attacks, and lies.

Sadly, these recent lawsuits fail to meet the gravity of these?next two.

Toni Modrano was a new mother to a three-week old daughter; she over-drank one night and passed out, rolling over in her sleep and onto her daughter, killing her. As a mother, I can not imagine the guilt this woman already put on herself before being charged with involuntary manslaughter, and before Nancy Grace narrowed her sights on her. Grace dubbed her “Vodka Mom” in her segment, and as Grace berated this grief stricken mother, calling for 1st degree murder charges, Toni Modrano sat at home and watched. Shortly after her broadcast, Modrano took her own life by walking behind her parents’ home and lighting herself on fire. In early 2013, Modrano’s family?went on to settle a lawsuit against Grace and CNN, citing that Grace’s broadcast lead to the extreme emotional distress that caused her suicide.

In 2006, Melissa Duckett appeared on Grace’s show to talk about her missing son, Trenton. However, before the taped interview would air, she would be dead. While Duckett was being questioned, Grace didn’t feel her answers were sharp enough. Ms. Grace went on to accuse Duckett of hiding something, and shortly after the interview Melissa Duckett shot and killed herself. The family filed a wrongful death suit against Nancy Grace and CNN, but after four years of litigation the family dropped the suit.

These are not freak occurrences, either. They are a part of a pattern that leads all the way to when Nancy Grace was just a prosecutor.

Ms. Grace in 2004, tried a man named Weldon Wayne Carr for the murder and arson of his wife. Carr was found guilty, however his conviction, upon appeal, was over turned. After the appeal, Chief Justice Robert Benham issued a scathing rebuke to Grace over her actions.

[Ms. Grace] “engaged in an extensive pattern of inappropriate and, in some cases, illegal conduct in the course of the trial… demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness.”

Ms. Grace, we seem to be in a world where you think?believe,?that these tactics of misinformation, abuse, bullying, and just general lack of class are all okay for you. How many lives have to be destroyed before cable executives no longer care about her ratings? What does it say about us as a society, that we routinely tune-in to watch this vile woman, in spite of all evidence that she is doing nothing but ruining people’s lives? How many people will die because of her words?

And seriously, how many tagline gimmicks do we have to hear about as she nicknames each suspect?

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