WATCH: Man Molests Girl On Airplane, She Confronts Him And Records It

In a country where 24,923 girls/women report rape every year and the number of reported rapes are hardly 10 percent of the actual figure, this incident might be considered too tame. However, what is appreciable is the strength this woman shows. The strength that most women in India lack.


It was one of those regular domestic flights to Bhubaneshwar. Though it rarely happens in India, this girl chose to be a lone female traveller rather than asking some male companion to accompany her for protection. This is probably what tempted a fat old man to slide his hand through the gap between the seats and touch/feel this girl. The girl said:

“This man on the seat behind mine, put his fingers in the seat gap to touch me!

I was very shocked for sometime to react. By then the flight went to landing mode. Then the moment flight touched down, I got up. Saw his hand was again on the side ready to take up any opportunity to touch me!!!”

Thus, it was not onlyonce that this guy touched her. This infuriated the girl and she got up, questioned the man, and recorded the whole incident. The conversation was as follows:

“You’re asking for forgiveness. Why? Because I’m a girl? And you have right to touch me any time, anywhere you want to,” she tells the man in front of the other passengers.

“I’m asking for forgiveness,” he says.

“What forgiveness are you asking for? Did you do it only once? Was it by mistake?”

She later says that she will call security and make a complaint.

“I’m sorry about it. Please stop it,” the man begs.

“Why? Why, please? I’m sorry, please. I’m sorry that I’m a girl!

She encountered him again at the airport after landing and he kept on repeating that he made a mistake. However, the girl was in no mood to spare him and asked if he has female relatives. He said he is a father and she asked him to call his daughter so she could see this.

The young girl concluded:

Can’t believe the ordeal I had to go through but being silent is a crime! The police officer was very helpful and the Indigo staff remained with me throughout. The man is under police custody currently. I created such a scene, humiliated him in front of the whole flight! He thought like usual girls will keep quiet and he can get away with this! I have lodged an FIR now!”

Hope this incident remains a deterrent for other potential eve-teasers.


Karan is a humanist and a serious Bernie Sanders supporter who is really really scared that if (god forbid) the Republican wins, it's impact on his part of the world would be a disaster. The 2016 polls might be a debate of bread and butter for Americans. For him, it's a question of life and death.