Notable Male Feminist In Portland Accused Of Being A Serial Pervert
Photo courtesy of AbusiveAnarchist on Tumblr

I learned a new word today: “Macktivism.” It’s the act of pretending to be a male feminist and attending activism rallies or even organizing them just to get together with attractive women instead of helping the actual cause. Some have become smart enough to understand that being sexist will not help them even if it means pretending to be a feminist (i.e., hypocrisy).

Being a male feminist myself, I can understand this psychology. We get a significant advantage over other men while trying to make women feel comfortable in our presence. It’s almost impossible for women to figure out which ones are really feminist and which are fake.

Notable (and now notorious) radical male feminist Hart Noecker, 34, has been accused of assault, emotional abuse, non-consensual sex, and much more. The most significant of the claims were by 21-year-old Byrd Jasper. Byrd is trans and prefers to be referred to with the gender-neutral pronoun which is how we will refer to them throughout this article.

Jasper alleges being choked and anally penetrated by Noecker. According to Jasper, they defined their hard limits well before starting and anal sex was one of them. However, during intercourse, Noecker couldn’t resist himself and crossed the agreed limit. Jezebel spoke with six of the ten who told of alleged abuse at a community meeting, telling?horrific stories of his sexual perversions.

According to the victims, Noecker had unprotected sex when they did not consent doing so, allegedly under intoxication. A few said that unable to resist his urge, he masturbated in front of them when they refused consent at all. The most disgusting part was when he asked the girls if he could urinate on them and even requested them to urinate upon him which shows his paraphilic attitude.

As of now, none have been reported to have filed a solid complaint against him. Jasper has requested for a restraining order, and Noecker is petitioning against the same.

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