Sarah Palin Actually Gives A Decent Speech At CPAC 2015

Yes, I am saying it: Sarah Palin gave a great speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2015 on the opening day of the conference.

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I am not a fan of Sarah Palin’s political views, but I have always appreciated that she doesn’t pick and choose her words in a way that is politically expedient. In other words, she doesn’t seem like a manufactured person trying to sway votes. She’s authentic, if you will.

Now, about her actual speech. It was a great one! Hear me out. No one expects a Bill Clinton-esque detailed speech on the specifics of public policy from Palin. And she didn’t give us this. But she did give us something.

For one, Sarah Palin gave a coherent speech. Yes this may be a low bar, but coming off of her?disastrous speech in?Iowa a couple of weeks ago, being coherent is a big plus for the former governor. And I must say, having seen some other conservative speakers, many of them seem unable to give a captivating, coherent speech either. So this isn’t JUST a Palin issue.

She also focused on something that is nearly impossible to argue against: support for veterans. Sure, Palin didn’t get into many specific laws that could help veterans. And obviously she didn’t talk about how some Republicans wanted to block the Clay Hunt suicide protection bill and don’t support many social programs to help veterans, but it doesn’t matter! Conservatives don’t seem to care about specific policies.

I have sat through almost every speech at CPAC 2015 so far and every speaker is severely lacking in the specifics department. The talking points are what conservatives care about, and Palin was very passionate about veterans. She came across as genuinely interested in their well being. She did say stupid things because, well, she is Sarah Palin. Things like how ISIS was created because of Obama’s failed leadership. Now that is pretty dumb, but again, the CPAC crowd eats that stuff up!

Palin also talked about things that make her sound more intelligent than she has in the past. She talked about real issues, like PTSD, and about WORLD problems like “radical Islams,”?and issues from Egypt to?Libya. Talking about these things in a coherent way is something I have rarely, if ever, seen from Mrs. Palin.

When you mix her authenticity and likability among?the conservative crowd, with her ability to bring up security concerns about terrorist organizations like al-shabab and Boko Haram in a way that kind of makes sense, she can be a threatening political figure to liberals and Democrats. And I am saying this as a liberal Democrat.

So for what it is worth, and for the type of people she appeals to, I say well done Sarah!

See the full video of Sarah Palin’s CPAC 2015 speech below.

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