See Why Little Lexia Woods Just May Be Jimmy Graham’s Biggest Fan

A few days ago hearts of Louisiana residents started feeling a little empty when the New Orlean Saint’s Tight End, Jimmy Graham, was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for Max Unger and a 1st round pick. But one little girl was perhaps the saddest of all of us to see him go.

Jimmy Graham s biggest fan Lexia Woods speaks with him live on SportsCenter   YouTube

The mother of little girl super fan Lexia Woods taped her reaction to Jimmy Graham being traded. Lexia wanted the front office of the Saints to know that parting ways with Jim Graham, as she calls him, was not smart. Also, ?by question two of the video, little Lexia was choked up and trying to hold back tears before the waterworks came.

Lexia also wanted Jim and the Saints to know that she goes where he goes. Days later, that wish?came true when Lexia and her mother were interviewed about Jimmy and her love for him. But to their surprise Jimmy Graham wanted to talk to his number one fan and invite them to Seattle.

After thanking Lexia for her loving support, which was clearly apparent by her Jimmy Graham jersey and stuffed Jimmy Graham doll, Jimmy told her that she goes where he goes. Jimmy invited little Lexia Woods and her mother to Seattle to watch his first game.

All tears and love aside, this little girl, and her wish coming true, sparks one thing in my mind known as the power of sports. Sports brought this girl to adore Jimmy Graham and eventually will bring her to Seattle. Sports has this weird effect on people that unifies them, and as Lexie Woods would say:

?“I go where he goes”


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