Angry Father Publicly Shames His Son For Wearing Skinny Jeans

In this video, a father publicly shames his son because of his questionable fashion choices, specifically his “skinny jeans.”

Now I must admit I have some mixed feelings about this video. His son seems to take the ridicule in good humor; however, I’m not sure that making this public was a good idea. There seems to be an unfortunate trend which involves parents are turning to social media?in order to shame or humiliate their children. The psychological damage that a child could suffer from being exposed to ridicule, teasing, and bullying from people all over the planet may not be the best way to teach children a lesson.

Maybe an exception can be made in extreme circumstances, such as the story of the father who publically addressed the local gang in his area, telling them to leave his children alone. In the video he said that he learned that his son was recently “jumped in” to a local gang, through his son’s social media. In the video he publically jumps his son out of the gang by forcing his very reluctant and embarrassed son into a slap boxing match. It sounds ridiculous but it was very intense, some would even call it child abuse.

This video doesn’t involve physical abuse, but rather what many would consider verbal abuse. But there are thousands of videos just like this popping up all over the internet. Which begs the question if social media can be an effective tool in raising a child? Or does public shaming do more damage than good?

See the video below for yourself and decide.