Texas Anti-Gay Activist Compares Homosexuals To ‘Murderers And Rapists’

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and apparently that also applies to the ignorance and bigotry of some people who live in the Lone Star State.

Image Via Vebidoo

While testifying before a Texas House committee regarding a bill which would prohibit any state?or local funds from being used to issue same-sex marriage licenses,?Dr. Steven Hotze,?head?of the Conservative Republicans of Texas, equated homosexuals with murderers and rapists, all of whom, he said, commit “immoral acts.”

Hotze continued by suggesting Texas could easy subvert any upcoming ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of same-sex marriage by simply denying funding for marriage licenses. He added that the state was only obligated to enforce laws it deems to be “morally right.” He then expanded on his theory by saying:

?There are ways around the law. We have legalization ? the Supreme Court, even though I believe it was completely wrong, said it is constitutional to kill a baby in the womb. I think it’s a horrible injustice and it’s unconstitutional. But, let me just say this, in Texas we said ?We don’t believe that’s right. So we’re going to do everything we can to protect the unborn that we possibly can,? and we’ve done that. And that’s the same thing.?

Hotze then added this dollop of moronity to his already ridiculously maligned way of thinking:

?If they were to come out ruling that marriage between two individuals is legal, I would say let’s do to stop it just like we stopped abortion. Cut off funding for it, that’s all I’m saying.?

Finally, attempting to justify his perverted view of what Christianity teaches, Dr. Hotze let fly with this:

?If you make that a standard, that it’s a person’s chosen behavior, no matter what it is, it gives them minority status? You’ve got to be kidding. Where do you stop? Look, if people are involved in activities that are immoral and wrong, you can love them, but you don’t respect what they do and you try and help them find a way out. Whether they’re alcoholics, whether they’re murderers or adulterers. Whether they’re perverts, pornographers or whatever. You want help them. Or homosexuals, you want to help them out. “

If only someone could help Dr. Hotze understand how truly asinine and shallow his “beliefs” are.