Pennsylvania High Schoolers Come Up With ‘Lynch List’ As Part Of ‘Anti-Gay Day’

In what may turn out to be one of the vilest and most disgusting displays of hate that has come to light recently, a group of students at?McGuffey High School in Pennsylvania used social media to organize an “Anti-Gay Day” as a response to an annual celebration of diversity at the school.

Image Via MetroDaily

The students who organized the event also encouraged fellow student supporters to wear flannel if they were ?anti-gay,? and to proudly write the words ?Anti-Gay? on their hands. They also passed around a “lynch list” of LGBT students.

Students such as Zoe Johnson said they were offended by the actions of a group that was clearly promoting hate instead of tolerance:

?It hurts me to see how rude and cruel, and some of these people were my friends before this started. Yesterday, there was pushing, posters hung on homosexual students? lockers. Teachers were having to run out and take them down.?

When contacted for comment on the school district’s position on bullying and intimidation,?superintendent?Dr. Erica Kolat issued this statement:

?Yesterday afternoon, April 16, 2015, allegations of harassment were brought to the attention of our administration. McGuffey School District, along with school police officers, continue to investigate all allegations. We will follow our Student Code of Conduct, and file legal citations, as warranted. We resolve to ensure that all children can grow and learn in a safe, supportive environment free from discrimination.?

Perhaps I’m not reading that correctly, but it sounds tepid to say the least.

Students told a local TV station that they are often afraid to go to school because of the level of hate they feel exists at McGuffey High. One remarked:

?It’s sad to me. It’s a high school. We should feel safe here. We don’t, and it’s starting to get worse.”

Zoe Johnson echoed that sentiment, telling the local school board at at a meeting:.

?This is why so many students hate going to school. They made an announcement this morning, saying the only colors are blue and gold, but I feel like that is not getting the point across. Just to ignore it isn’t going to work.?

A former McGuffey High student said she and some other alumni of the school are organizing a peaceful protest for tolerance early next week so people will know hatred is not supported by the community.