American Injustice System — Jail Sentence Of White Girls Who Hunted Black People In Mississippi (NEW VIDEO)

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In an unbelievable hate crime case from 2015, Sara Adelia Graves, 22, and Shelbie Brooke Richards, 21, were part of a racist white supremacist Mississippi gang that hunted and terrorized black people around the Jackson, Mississippi area; leading to a brutal racially motivated murder in the summer of 2011.

A description of the events from a video on YouTube.

Jackson, Mississippi (CNN) — On a recent Sunday morning just before dawn, two carloads of white teenagers drove to Jackson, Mississippi, on what the county district attorney says was a mission of hate: to find and hurt a black person.

In a parking lot on the western side of town they found their victim.

James Craig Anderson, a 49-year-old auto plant worker, was standing in a parking lot, near his car. The teens allegedly beat Anderson repeatedly, yelled racial epithets, including “White Power!” according to witnesses.

Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith says a group of the teens then climbed into their large Ford F250 green pickup truck, floored the gas, and drove the truck right over Anderson, killing him instantly.

Mississippi officials say it was a racially motivated murder. What the gang of teens did not know was that a surveillance camera was focused on the parking lot that night, and many of the events, including the actual murder of Anderson, were captured live on videotape.

Six white male gang members were sentenced to jail terms for breaking of criminal law ranging between four and 50 years. John L. Blalack and Robert H. Rice were the last two gang members to plead guilty.

As for Graves and Richards, their sentences are proof that the criminal justice system has failed and as unbelievable and almost as shocking as the crime.

However, Graves was sentenced to five years, and Richards received eight years for their roles in the murder.

Please be advised there is this video contains footage of the murder, and it is very disturbing.

Yet, in 2018, conservatives are outraged over kneeling NFL players protesting the system that produced this miscarriage of justice.

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