Jon Stewart Punks Wolf Blitzer, Breaks Down Baltimore And White Privilege

This is the first article I have written about Baltimore. Honestly I have been waiting for more information about the death of Freddie Gray before writing a story about it. But as for the riots, it’s not that I could not find words to write about it, but rather I could barely contain the words.

You see, there is a lot more happening than just angry, opportunistic teenagers taking to the streets for some anarchic fun. There is a system of racial injustice that has been in our country since before its official founding.

And I’ve learned something during my very brief time as a writer. I’ve learned not to even address conservatives on the issues of systemic racial injustice. It’s not worth my time. I can no more explain “white privilege” to conservatives than I can to the animal that represents their party.

Conservatives see the world in black and white, and yet claim not to see color at the same time. I know it’s very confusing. When I try to explain how this country was handcrafted specifically for whites, I’m met with hostility, disbelief, statistics, and dismissive attitudes.

So I’ve come to stop addressing the willfully blind. It’s not easy, because I have a deep belief that everyone is capable of seeing reason.

In this video, Jon Stewart addresses comments made by Wolf Blitzer of CNN, and he goes further to address some of the root issues behind what we are seeing on the streets of Baltimore. It’s sad that so often we have to wait for a white man to “get it” in order to get our point across, but that’s the reality of a country designed for one specific race. If I could somehow duplicate Jon Stewart’s understanding into conservatives, I think we would see a huge change in this country.

I love being an American, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to fight for a better country than the one the racists who founded it put together.

Here is the Jon Stewart video.