Big Dad Shows His Big Heart As Batdad

We do not hear enough good news about fathers these days. We here a lot of stories about abusive dads or absentee dads who neglect their children. But we don’t often see stories about awesome fathers or a big dad who finds creative ways to show their love for their kids.

I recently came across a YouTube collection put together by a big dad who dresses up as batman in order to narrate scenes in his family’s life. This is possibly one of the most entertaining and heartwarming videos I’d seen in quite sometime.

My father always had a fun side like this. I think the fact that he could be stern and serious also made his fun side more funny. Our favorite movie was and still is Airplane. He would always poke his head in my room, especially when my friends where visiting; and say “Just want you to know, we’re all counting you.”

Of all my childhood memories that’s one of my favorites. I can only imagine how many great memories this man’s kids will have. They have a great big dad with a great big heart, and it’s my pleasure to share this video.

Here’s the video.