WATCH As A Baby Tries Avocado For The First Time–Priceless!

What was the first food you fed your baby that you realized was not going to be her favorite anytime soon? For my daughter, who is now 8-years-old, it was strained carrots. I would give her a spoonful of those and immediately get them right back…often in my face. To this day she hates carrots.
Image Via Huffpost

In this video, which is likely to go viral, some parents decided to let their daughter try a taste of avocado. Hey, lots of us love avocado. Guacamole! You gotta love guacamole, right? Nope. Not everyone does. Perfect example:This cute as can be baby. She starts out happy, but when the green hits her tastebuds, you can read the displeasure on her face.

The video is hilarious and her reaction is priceless!


Hey, Kid, How’s That Avocado?