Car Insurance Needed! Crazy Driver Creates Buzz By Transporting ‘Thousands Of Bees’ In Car

car insurance
A crazy Montana driver decided to transport five beehives in a cardboard box. Can you count the bees? Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

It might be time for car insurance companies to look into covering bee damage.


A man in Missoula, Montana, was pulled over after troopers received a number of complaints about a driver swerving all over the road. But it wasn’t the usual drunk driver or texting teen. According to a post on the Montana Highway Patrol‘s Facebook page:

On 5/22 MHP dispatch received a traffic complaint of a vehicle driving all over the road. The reporting party stated the inside of the car had bees all over the windows and flying throughout the car. SETT Troopers located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. The driver was removed from the vehicle and stated the bees were harmless “Russian Honey Bees”. The driver had 5 hives with thousands of bees..

Believe it or not, it’s not illegal to transport bees using a cardboard box. Why anybody would want to do that, however, is beyond my understanding. Personally, I would opt for a steel box covered in dynamite and coated in poison. OK, maybe not dynamite.

car insurance
A close-up of the box used to transport the bees. Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post


The troopers could only give the driver a citation for careless driving and sent him on his way. Where he went next and how he got the bees out (a vacuum? A magic wand? A magic vacuum?) is anybody’s guess. Maybe it’s none of our beeswax. Best of luck to you, crazy bee guy! I’m sure the sting of embarrassment will soon pass.

The identity of the driver has not been revealed. Car insurance companies, take note!


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