Ann Coulter Says The U.S. Should Deny Citizenship To The Blind Or Those In Wheelchairs

Every single time I hear something that Ann Coulter has said, I like her even less than I did before. But I do believe she has hit an all-time low with remarks she made during a right-wing talk show earlier this week.

Image Via Gage Skidmore for Flickr

Coulter decided to call in during Simon Conway’s radio show and, as you might expect considering how much Coulter hates immigrants and those who seek to gain entrance into the United States, the conversation gravitated to the issue, specifically the English language requirement for most immigrants who wish to become citizens. This prompted Ms. Coulter to declare:

?The INS has waived the English-language requirements for many immigrants, and it’s not just ? that obviously goes to the heart of it, are you switching allegiance, do you love this country? ? but beyond that, how about the wheelchair-only section? How about the section for the blind? Look, wish these people well, but we’re not running an international charity here.?

I read that quote the first time and it nearly made me sick at my stomach. If someone is blind or in a wheelchair, they just don’t get a chance to become an American, Ann? Is that what you’re saying? If so, then perhaps we can find a place to deport you and declare that no one with long blond hair is allowed in, either.

What I have come to realize is that Ann Coulter is a heartless, soulless woman who cares only about how many of her dreadful books she can sell and how many times she can appear on Fox News to spew her racist, xenophobic drivel. And she is also one of the reasons that the Republican Party in this country is quickly becoming a party that represents no one but the rich, the angry, and the fundamentalist Christian.

She, and they, have no future.