Incredibly Awkward Things You Can Only Do In Front Of Your Pet

We are perhaps only our true selves in the presence of our pets. Do any of us dare say or do some of the crazy things we frequently do when another human is around? No. I even admit that I only sing along with my CD player when my pit bull mix, Ginger, is in the room. If anyone else is around, you will never hear me showing off my extremely subpar vocal skills.

But there are other awkward things we also refuse to let others see us do but feel no compunction about doing in front of our pets. I guess in that regard you could say they truly know us better than anyone else.

Here is a partial and in no way complete list of other things we only do with our sidekicks:

Stay Home All Day

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Face it, we all do this, but when our friends call to ask us if we have plans, we tend to exaggerate and say we either have work to do or are going somewhere with someone they don’t know and cannot verify our whereabouts with. But you can sit and chill all day and night with your pet and there is no judgement at all. And unlike your human friends, they won’t try to set you up on a blind date.

Say The Stuff You’ve Been Dying To Say

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I often hang up from a phone call and begin to babble to myself about what a jerk the person on the other line is. Or I’m on hold with customer service and I begin making snide comments while listening to the hold music. I may even raise my voice in disgust, and when I do this my dog just looks up from her nap, sighs, and then goes back to sleep. She’s the perfect listener.

Sing And Dance As If You Have A Shred of Talent

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Yes, this is the one I most often catch myself doing. I’ll have some great tunes on the CD player–often either Coldplay, Radiohead, or The Black Keys–and I start singing along, even though I have no musical talent at all! Does my dog mind? Well, she hasn’t bitten me yet, so I’m assuming she doesn’t.

Engage In A Guilty Pleasure Or Two

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Maybe you like to walk around with no pants on or sit on the sofa and scarf down Krispy Kreme donuts (guilty man, right here!). It doesn’t matter, because by and large your pet could care less that your legs are so white that they nearly blind you. All the pet asks for is that you allow them to engage in their guilty pleasures, too: i.e. the licking and grooming they so often do.

Absolutely Nothing At All

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This is one I love. Yeah, so we’re supposed to be working or doing something that is “productive,” but aren’t there times that we want to just veg out? I do. And my dog is perfectly cool with that, because she loves vegging as well. No wonder I think she’s the best dog?in the world.

h/t The Dodo