How These Creepy Dolls Are Captivating The Nation

Do you have a neighbor who drives you crazy? Maybe their lawn is home to dozens of garden gnomes. Perhaps their dog likes to dig up your begonias.

Well, you might want to thank your lucky stars you don’t live next to this house.

This bizarre porch display changes on a daily basis. You never know what you’re going to see. (Image courtesy of Atlas Obscura)

This historic property in New Hamburg, New York, is drawing curiosity seekers from across the country. This is thanks to a strange doll display that changes on a daily basis. The dolls wear clothing from different eras of the twentieth century. Sometimes special props — books, cups, etc. — sit in their hands or laps. There could be three dolls one day and two the next.

According to Atlas Obscura, nobody appears to know anything about the owners of the house. Why are they doing this? What are they trying to tell us? Are they showing off their clothing collection? Their identity is as mysterious as their macabre theater. However, if you’re patient, you might see a kitchen light turn on late at night. When it’s raining out, the dolls are nowhere to be seen.

Side view of doll display. (Image courtesy of Atlas Obscura)
Close-up of dolls. (Image courtesy of Atlas Obscura)

Built in 1845, the John Lawson house is one of the only structures to have survived a fire that occurred in the area in 1877. It’s one of six properties located on the Main Street Historic District block.

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