Pappa Pope Destroys ‘Backwoods Honky Mofo’ Confederate Flag Loyalists

Actor Joe Morton is fairly well-known Hollywood actor. You would probably recognize Morton from shows likeThe Good Wife, Eureka, and Scandal.

Recently Morton was on The Nightly Show?and offered his thoughts on the Confederate flag controversy while in his “Pappa Pope” character from the show “scandal.”

His performance was nothing short of scathing and brilliant, taking down Confederate flag waving “rednecks” more than just a couple?pegs; he buries them!

Here’s a snippet:

?You’re a Confederate; a proud Southern white boy with your Bible in your hand and you shotgun in your pickup truck. A Southern white boy with the shame of slavery running through your veins.

You are a bigot. I am a black man. I have worked and scarped for every inch of dirt I’ve walked on. You cried yourself to sleep ’cause Lincoln hurt your feelings?..You lose the war and all you want to do is make my people pay for it. You think you love this country and what you love is the corruption of the red, white and blue, you call valor. What you love is the satisfaction it brings when people feel like it they need to give that flag some credence, like it stands for something more than hate, fighting about whether to tear it down from your state building or not.

You. Are. A. Bigot and I am disappointed in the way you treat my country.?

Mr. Morton deserves a standing ovation for speaking our thoughts and feelings here at Liberal America perfectly. Bravo Mr. Morton! Bravo!

Here’s the video.