Sarah Palin’s Science Solves California Drought Problem

With California facing one of the worst droughts in its history, Governor Jerry Brown (D) had to declare a state of emergency back in January. Since then, the state has had to deal with multiple restrictions on the use of river water, fireworks, and more. However, the Golden State need not worry any longer, because former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) has a solution that will save the state for only $99.00 a year – the cost of a subscription to The Sarah Palin Channel.

Sarah Palin's newest video details her solution to the California drought crisis.
Screen grab from video: Sarah Palin’s newest video details her solution to the California drought crisis.

In one of her latest videos, Palin spouts off about how idyllic and wonderful the state of California is – except for their politicians. She criticizes Brown for imposing water usage limits backed by fines because it would mean that Californians would “shower less.” But not one to complain without offering something, Palin has come up with a scientifically sound solution to the entire drought problem:

?You might ask, though, why don’t they just fix the infrastructure problem, why don’t they just build more reservoirs and plants? After all, California is a coastal state. It’s got a whole ocean right there, water all around ya. But, see, the environmentalists, as usual, they’re against it because desalination facilities…require a lot of energy, and something has to be done with that salty waste after you turn ocean water into drinking water.?

And yes, she is serious.

I don’t know why California (apparently “America’s Petri dish for left-wing lunacy”) didn’t think to build reservoirs to catch all that rain water they’re not getting. In all seriousness, though, the process of desalinating water is extremely energy intensive, and perhaps more notably, expensive. According to the Sun Times, each desalination plant could cost between $150 million to $1 billion – and they could take a very long time to build and become operational. The few the state has already built are far from enough to do the job. With the amount the state would have to spend on getting these plants running – plants they were already intending to build, mind you – how could they afford their yearly subscription to the Sarah Palin Channel for more environmental advice?

Watch the video below.

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