#BlackLivesMatter Activists Shut Down Jeb Bush’s Nevada Rally

#BlackLiveMatter protesters. Screen grab from video

Finally, they did it at the right place. Black Lives Matter activists shut down Jeb Bush’s rally in Nevada. Unlike the microphone takeover at the Bernie Sanders event, this protest was not by a couple of individuals, but by a group of chanters in the crowd. This was immediately after Bush’s reply to the a question on racism where he said:

“We have serious problems and these problems have gotten worse in the last few years. Communities, people no longer trust the basic institutions in our society that they need to trust to create, to make things work.”

Dozens started chanting “Black Lives Matter” which silenced Bush for a while. As a reply to this, Bush’s supporters shouted “White Lives Matter” to counter them. One of the Bush supporters, in an exhibition of true class (sarcasm intended) even gestured in an obscene manner. Thus, the intolerance of Bush’s supporters was clearly visible.

During the rally, a black woman asked Bush,

“When my son steps out every day, I don’t know if he’s gonna step back in because of racial tension. How do you relate to that?”

Bush answered, without really answering, and passing the responsibility for change down the chain,

“I relate to it by, as president, trying to create a society where there is civility and understanding. And to encourage mayors, leaders at the local level, to engage so that there’s not despair and isolation in communities.”

The interesting part was that he added,

“With all due respect, a child that is educated, that believes that their chances of going to college, living a life of purpose and meaning, is important.”

While most of those who would vote for Bush question why they should have to pay for education and college for others, this was an odd addition – almost as if Bush felt his answer was inadequate and needed more.

At least Bush was civil enough not to assault the protesters like his counterpart Donald Trump suggested. Trump called Bernie Sander’s “weak” for not physically retaliating and said he would have done the same if it happened to him. Wonder what Trump would say to Jeb?



Karan is a humanist and a serious Bernie Sanders supporter who is really really scared that if (god forbid) the Republican wins, it's impact on his part of the world would be a disaster. The 2016 polls might be a debate of bread and butter for Americans. For him, it's a question of life and death.