Kim Davis Supposedly Wrote A Letter From Jail, Compares Herself To ‘Rose Parks’ And Jesus

First of all…is this Twitter account even real? There are so many misspellings and misquotes and etc…on it that I hate to even write this up until we verify it’s real, but here goes…

Spelling is hard, y’all. So is history. Well…so is the Bible!

Kim Davis is PERSECUTED, I tell you. PERSECUTED. But that’s OK, cuz she’s CHOSEN for the highest purpose. At least that’s what she said in her letter from jail.

She compares herself to “Rose Parks” (that’s Rosa, for those who may have missed that). And Kim has it MUCH worse than “Rose” did, Kim says. Yeah she really suggested that Rosa Parks had it easier as a black woman under Jim Crow laws than white four-times-married Kim Davis has in 2015 in the U.S.A.

She also seems to think what she’s “suffering” is just like what Jesus experienced at the Last Supper.

Her husband supposedly posted this letter from what appears to be Kim’s Twitter account.



Even the profile is misspelled. She says she serves the Lord first and “formost.” And Liz reported that she misquoted the Bible.

Good grief. Pretty sure these aren’t the martyrs that Jesus and the Disciples spoke of! Idiots.

Again….I do not know if this Twitter account is really an account owned by Kim Davis. It appears that it may be….Lord help us.

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