Florida Cops Accuse Woman Of Trying To Bribe Them With Fellatio

She has been charged for bribery. Photo Courtesy: mirror.co.uk

In an incident which is an evidence of Florida Police Department’s self-control, a woman charged Of drug possession and drunken driving offered three officers oral sex in return for dropping the charges. Believe it – They refused! As reported by DailyNews, she kept on pestering them repeatedly but they remained firm and refused any help with the case. Rather, they charged her for three counts of bribery over and above the ones she already had. Yet, her arrest pic shows her smiling (drug effects).

24-year-old Arielle Engert was caught driving drunk at early morning 2:48 am Monday. When tested, her blood alcohol level was .162. This was more then twice the allowed levels. Furthermore, she confessed of being in possession of a bag of marijuana. Even more, when detained and checked, a pouch of cocaine was found in her bra. This was the actual serious offense and led to felony charges. The charges included introduction of contraband into a detention facility and possession of narcotics.

Eager to get rid of the charges, she asked Deputy Brian Sudbrink if he could drop these charges in return for oral sex and other sexual acts. When he rejected the offer, she turned to deputies Eric Biddle and Obed Munoz for the same. Despite her asking again and again, they didn’t agree.

Arielle was released on a $5,150 bond and will have to appear in court on 24th September. No response was received from her home despite them being informed of the incident.

This woman may have been inspired to do so because of a similar incident last year where Deputy Ted Arboleda of the Florida police department was charged with corruption for releasing a woman charged of driving without a license and possessing marijuana. Probably that is what served as a deterrent to these cops for resisting their urge and following the official procedure.

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