‘Family Values’ GOPer Burns Hands Of His 4-Week-Old Baby Because Child ‘Was Fussy’

Joshua Koshinsky: Image Via WPXI

Go to Joshua Koshinsky’s Facebook page (which has now been suspended) and it quickly becomes clear that this is a man who is more than a little obsessed with religion. There are numerous references to Jesus. His likes include Chuck Norris, Ben Carson, and something called “White Lives Matter.”

And as you might expect, Koshinsky is also an anti-choice extremist who thinks that abortion is murder and should be illegal under any and all circumstances.

Koshinsky is the father of a four-week-old baby boy. And when the baby began to act, up, rather than comforting the child or attempting to discover what he could to alleviate the baby’s crying, this gigantic piece of hypocritical crap instead decided to dunk the child’s hands into mugs filled with scalding hot water. He has since been charged with with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child after hospital workers called police.

Just so you know, to begin with Koshinsky and his wife lied to investigators and said the child must have burned them reaching for a hot bottle. Then he relented and claimed he had no idea the water in the mugs where he placed his son’s hands was so hot. As if that makes any difference at all!

This pile of putrid dung is now spending his days and nights in the Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, jail with a bail of $20,000 set for him.

Anyone who has children knows only too well that there are times when you feel like giving up, like you simply cannot go on because you’re so exhausted and frustrated that you want to just resign your post. But you go on and brave your way through it. And in the end, you are rewarded with a feeling of love and pride that is unmatched by any other emotion you will ever experience.

Unless, of course, you’re a Bible-thumping, right wing nutjob like Joshua Koshinsky. And then you just take it out on your baby and lie about what you’ve done.