Ben Carson Schools A Red-Faced Donald Trump On Vaccines — And It’s Painful To Watch

What a crazy night. The second GOP debate was even more entertaining than the first. There were soooooo many insanely stupid moments. As we expected, clown candidate Donald Trump was one of the biggest stars of the evening.

One of my favorite moments was when the debate moderators brought up Donald Trump’s stance on vaccinations. He genuinely believes that vaccines cause autism, despite the fact that this has been debunked repeatedly.

Sex Tips 69 Cover FINALThe moderators called in Dr. Ben Carson, the famed pediatric neurosurgeon who is also running for president, for his opinion. Carson slammed Trump HARD while still being polite as he generally is. Trump famously said that Dr. Carson was “an OK doctor.” From MSNBC:

“He was a doctor, perhaps an OK doctor,” Trump said of Carson, an internationally-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon who was the first person to ever successfully separate cranially conjoined twins in 1987. “He was fine, he was just fine.”

Carson seized this moment in the debate to hit back at Trump and say — “he’s an OK doctor.” Laughter all around, of course. Ha Ha ha. Watch the video below.

Hilarious. But this was so painful to watch. Ouch! My sweet bleeding heart can’t stand to see even a dummy like Trump get schooled that hard. Why is his face so red?

I’ve said this a lot this year — I hate agreeing with any of these mofos about anything, especially Ben Carson, who has proven himself to be a hypocrite at best and a horrible person at worst. He knows baby’s brains, but he also says some really stupid things. I’m relieved, however, that at least one of these clowns supports vaccinations.


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