Here’s A Preview Of What A Donald Trump Presidency Would Look Like

donald trump
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Donald Trump is a narcissistic, ego maniacal, megalomaniac with no scruples or ethics to speak of. And that’s just when he’s being charming.

So what would a Trump presidency actually look like?

To illustrate I found one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite Vince Vaughn movies, “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” produced in 2004.

In this scene, Ben Stiller plays “White Goodman”, a character who was probably modeled after Trump in some fashion. Goodman is the owner of “Globogym” a rich powerful worldwide gym which sought to buy out a smaller gym named “Average Joes” run by Vaughn’s character, “Peter La Fleur”.

Both Goodman and La Fleur have the same love interest a character named “Kate Veatch” played by Christine Taylor.

In this scene Goodman is meeting with Veatch to discuss his plans to acquire Average Joes.

When thinking about a Trump presidency this is exactly how I would picture it. Complete with the painting in the background.

Here’s the video.