911 Called For Monkey Eating Mail Out Of Neighbor’s Mailbox

Image via News 10.

I wasn’t surprised when I read this happened in Florida.

Florida is well known for all the monkeying around they do down there. They are also well known for its wildlife. Alligators are a necessary evil. However, there is apparently something new to worry about. It’s now time to start watching for monkeys eating your mail.

This morning (Monday, September 28), a concerned neighbor called 911 to report a monkey was sitting on top of a neighbor’s mailbox having their mail for breakfast.

Tampa Bay Sarasota News 10 reports:

“…five police officers, along with members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission responded to the call as a precaution.”

The plan? An officer shook a water bottle to lure the monkey away. However, the animal decided to chill out on the top of the patrol car and pulled molding off.

Later, the owner of the monkey, known as “Zeek,” joined the officers in an attempt to catch it. The owner had it under control in about 20 minutes. They also had the proper permit to own a monkey.

The officers weren’t upset, however.

“Our officers respond to some pretty serious, sad, and horrific calls. It’s nice to be able to respond to something of this nature, a little more lighthearted and have a happy ending.”