Hillary Clinton LASHES OUT Over Benghazi During Town Hall

Secretary Clinton did a neat live town hall on NBC’s “The Today Show” this morning. She talked about a myriad of things, but the most memorable moment came when she was being asked about her emails and how they are related to the Benghazi issue. Hillary rightfully EXPLODES when interviewer Savannah Guthrie asked her about how she would have responded if it were Dick Cheney or Karl Rove were in these situations and things were flipped. Here is what she said:

“I would never have done that…Look at the situation they chose to exploit, to go after me for political reasons. The death of four Americans in Benghazi. I knew the ambassador. I identified him. I asked him to go there. I asked the president to nominate him.”


“This committee was set up, as they have admitted, for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four Americans. I would never have done that, and if I were president and there were Republicans or Democrats thinking about that, I would have done everything to shut it down.”

This is one of the fieriest moments that we have seen from Mrs. Clinton so far on the campaign trail. One only needs to see the video for themselves to understand how authentically angry Hillary is that Republicans would use something so tragic for their political benefit.

The ridiculous attacks on Hillary Clinton have been numerous, but this one will probably be a fight, unlike anything we have seen. Secretary Clinton is scheduled to testify on Benghazi in a couple of weeks, although many Democrats want the committee shut down. If the hearing still happens, Clinton said she will testify. This will only get more heated I’m sure, and I applaud Hillary for standing up against this foolery that does a disservice to the memory of the four Americans killed in Benghazi and everyone who actually wants a safer, more secure world.

Watch the clip from Mrs. Clinton on Benghazi here.

Featured image by Wikimedia, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

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