Hillary Clinton STRIKES BACK At GOP In First National TV Ad (VIDEO)

In her first national television ad¬†titled “Admit,” Hillary Clinton takes control of the Benghazi issue. This ad means Clinton is finally on the offense in regards to this issue. Clinton’s polls are not where they used to be at the beginning of this race, and many people including supporters, blame the ongoing faux Benghazi scandal.

With GOP Leader McCarthy admitting that Benghazi was a ploy to bring Clinton’s campaign down, her team has been on the attack. There are a plethora of issues on which Clinton could have focused her first ad, but she chose Benghazi.

This is a great move because it clearly highlights how Republicans are NOT about making lives better for the average America, but they are merely concerned with elections and their own power. Clinton not only slams them for playing politics with the murders of four Americans, but she is also contrasting herself with their horrible views. The ad notes not JUST that the Republicans want to bring her down, but why.

The ad mentions that Republicans are against affordable healthcare and equal pay for women, two huge issues in the upcoming election.

Calling the first ad “Admit” is short and concise and gets right to the point. For an issue that has seemingly plagued Clinton for a long time, I am glad to see her going on the offensive. She never did anything wrong, negligent, or criminal, and even the Republicans can’t say exactly what the “scandal” is. I hope Clinton and her campaign continuously goes after the Republicans for their outrageous tactics. The American people appreciate seeing how much of their taxpayer money has been wasted on investigating nothing.

Watch the full ad here:

Featured Image is a Screen Grab from Youtube.

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