The 8 Most RIDICULOUS Moments from the CNBC GOP Debate

I took some notes during the GOP debate. These were crazy statements, moments, and everything laughable (and tragic) about the CNBC GOP Debate. There were a TON but here are some of my favorites:

1.) Ted Cruz Offered One of the Moderators Pot Brownies

“I’ll buy you a tequila. Or even some famous Colorado brownies,” he said.

Um….OK? Just strange Cruz, strange.

2.) The French Work Week That Wasn’t

Jeb Bush got his behind handed to him by Marco Rubio when he tried to shame him for missing a lot of Senate votes. While I am not a fan of Rubio, he sounded more in control and Bush looked like weak sauce. Then, trying to make his mark and raise his poll numbers, Bush offered a “joke” by saying that the Senate is like a French Work week (only three days). It flopped. Hard.

3.) A Warm Kiss

One of the moderators asked Jeb Bush about the famous hypothetical of supporting a deal that would have $1 of spending for every $10 of cuts. Bush deflected by saying that no one would support it. He then said:

“Find me a Democrat that is for cutting spending $10, I’ll give them a warm kiss.”

No thanks, Jeb.

4.) I’m Wearing a Trump Tie

Governor Huckabee wanted us to know he likes Donald Trump and is wearing one of his ties! Trump just has them eating out of his hands…

5.) The Media Hate Fest

Cruz and Christie attacked the media, but one of the weirdest attacks came from Senator Marco Rubio, who claimed the media was Hillary’s biggest Super PAC. Has he been ASLEEP for 20 years?

6.) No, Being Anti-Marriage Equality Does NOT Make You A Homophobe

Dr. Carson tried to come across as a compassionate Christian, promoting how he thinks everyone should be treated equally under the Constitution. But then went on to say that he doesn’t support marriage equality. Considering there are NO REAL REASONS to be against equality, I’d say you ARE a homophobe, Dr. Carson.

7.) Chris Christie INTERRUPTED To Support The Police

The Moderators were asking about moral authority  when Governor Christie interjected to say that he supports the police. He complained that the police aren’t supported by President Obama. We know from his recent statements that Christie doesn’t think black lives matter. It was shockingly pathetic that he interrupted the debate to make sure he shows his support of the police state and essentially tell people of color and their allies that they don’t matter. He didn’t mention that police deaths are down, or that they are lower now than they were under Reagan, or that the number of people killed by police is higher now than at this point last year. Trashy, Christie. Trashy.

8.) Fiorina Says She Is Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare and that She is NOT Good For Women

Throughout the night, Carly Fiorina took jabs at Clinton. She said people want to see her take on Clinton in a debate and then went on to attack her policies. First, Senator Cruz tried to lecture Clinton about her policies being bad for women (which is also a joke to begin with) but that wasn’t enough. Fiorina jumped in to echo his sentiments. She doesn’t think Clinton would be the first good woman President because her policies aren’t good for women. Let’s be clear. Clinton has been the most admired woman in the world 19 times-13 of those consecutively. That is more than any other woman in HISTORY. Her policies include paid family and maternity leave, equal pay, and reproductive choice. She has spoken about women’s rights as a First Lady, Senator,and Secretary of State. She has promoted rights of girls around the world and challenged sexist leaders firsthand. So I ask Carly Fiorina, who are you?

Featured image a screen grab from Youtube.

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