Ben Carson Wants To End GOP Debates And Replace Them With Infomercials

Top contender for the GOP 2016 nomination, Dr. Ben Carson, isn’t a fan of the standard TV debate. Instead, he would rather see all of the candidates take turn giving speeches.

Allegedly, Carson’s campaign will be meeting to discuss this proposal. One such idea from the Carson camp is to have at least 5 minutes of speaking time for opening and closing statements. All of the “major declared” GOP Candidates would be present. This would make the process at least 2 hours long just for those statements alone, given the amount of candidates running.

Another proposal would be to limit the power of network television and have more election “debates” and conversations via the internet on such sites as Youtube.

I like the idea of more internet involvement, but would this again be mostly speeches? Can they not challenge each other about real issues and policies? Would there be time for that?

I think all of this recent chatter is indicative of how scared Republicans are to answer real questions. They hated CNBC for their “handling” of the debates but have also criticized the moderators when FOX (their bed buddies) did the debate as well. Cruz has called for only registered Republicans to moderate. I mean, do these people know they are running for President and that this is supposed to be hard?

Hillary Clinton, the current Democratic frontrunner, endured 11 hours of Benghazi bullcrap from screaming and childish Republicans nuts (mostly men). She has been trashed for decades even by the mainstream media that Rubio somehow thinks is in her corner.

This move just makes the Republicans look like humongous babies, and shows why a GOPer shouldn’t be our next Commander-in-Chief.


Featured image by Gage Skidmore via flickr, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

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