5 Facts Providing Proof That ‘Black Friday’ Is Officially Dead

While there are still stories of the absolute madness that seems to overtake regular people on the day after Thanksgiving, it is beginning to look like many consumers are starting to shun the craziness.


Proof #1 –¬†Consumers now realize they can shop earlier in the week

With “Black Friday” sales starting as early as the Monday before, many people have wised up to the fact that they no longer have to wait until the named day to get the savings.


Proof #2 – Consumers are still concerned about their spending

With the economic fiasco in 2008, consumers have (rightly) been much more tight fisted with their holiday spending. Adjusting for inflation, in the seven years before the recession, consumer spending went up by 22.9 percent. In the seven years since the recession hit, consumer spending has only gone up by 8.3 percent. Clearly, customers are not racing out to blow their money the way they once were.


Proof #3 – Thursday shopping hours haven’t enticed customers into stores

Despite the fact that Wal-Mart, then followed by stores like Target and Macy’s, started opening their doors on Thursday, many customers have not taken the bait. Stores hoped to cause a consumer freak out, that unless they got into stores ASAP, they would miss out on the deals. However, even with¬†it meaning more family time, consumers have chosen not to rush into stores on the actual day of Thanksgiving.


Proof #4 – Thursday shopping hours have caused a backlash

In even worse news for retailers, the Thursday hours for shopping has caused an outcry and backlash amongst many consumers. Some people have finally wised up to the fact that stores require staffing, and stores opening on Thanksgiving means that these staffers are missing out on spending time with their own families (or just enjoying the Westminster Dog Show). This compassion has led many to speak out and “protest” shopping on Thanksgiving by merely staying home.


Proof #5 – The best deals are actually the closest to Christmas

News reports and various websites have had a hand in outing the farce of Black Friday as well. By showing consumers that there are actually even better deals awaiting them if they can hold out for a bit longer, this has helped slow the Black Friday madness.


So if you feel like taking part in this shopping bacchanalia this weekend, knock yourself out. There’s no judgment here. But, if you’re like an increasing number of Americans, you can join me in my PJs and help prove the fact that Black Friday is officially dead.


Featured image by WikiMedia, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.