Shocking Footage Of Woman Trampled During Black Friday Fight

Along with the slashed prices of many items included in the Thanksgiving sales come the crazed citizens who are willing to go to any lengths necessary in order to get their hands on a few bargains on Black Friday.

Every year new phone and video footage emerges of stores in absolute disarray as the normally respectable customers turn into animals at the prospect of buying a half price plasma TV. Customers have been known to regularly snatch items from one another and often resort to violence in a bid to claim the best deals for themselves. This Black Friday has been no exception.

Aggressive behavior has been displayed across America, earning Black Friday the nicknameWhack Friday.” Scenes of shocking violence could be seen in the early hours of this morning at Mall St Matthews in Louisville, Kentucky as a fight broke out between two men.

Despite having been giving thanks just hours beforehand, these two men can clearly be seen repeatedly punching each other in the face as they fight on the floor surrounded by innocent shoppers who managed to capture evidence on their phones.

It is unknown what sparked the violence that erupted between the two as the fight took place in the busy food court rather than in a specific store. Nearby shoppers can be seen attempting to move out of their way. One woman fails to escape and gets knocked down and trampled by the crazed men in the middle of their fight.

A longer video shows both of the men abandoning their shopping bags before beginning to square up to one another. The two men can clearly be heard arguing and begin punching one another before they fall to the floor. Once they are on the floor they can be seen exchanging blow after blow for just under one minute before a policeman intervenes and pulls the two of them apart.

Image by @daddyweaknd via Twitter

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