Jeb Bush’s Son Is Doing Some Really Dirty Crap In Texas

This article about the son of Jeb Bush originally appeared on popular left-wing Texas blog Juanita Jean’s. Give her a visit!

Young son-of-a-Jeb, George Pee Bush, got himself elected Land Commissioner in Texas. There have been problems from the get-go, like hiring his buddies to high paying jobs within his office.

The big news in Texas right now is that George P Bush, son of a JebBush, got elected Land Commissioner in Texas and is violating the law, hiring his friends and family, not posting jobs, and has turned the Texas General Land office to a frat house / political payoff machine that even has his retired Republican predecessor aghast.

That has been the good news of his tenure in office.

Tiff’s note: what kind of mofo running for Texas LAND COMMISSIONER drives around in a bus like this? Please! I knew all along he was just using us as a platform for whatever greater things he would like to accomplish. And don’t worry, I gave him plenty of pieces of my mind over this. On Twitter. Not that he read them, I’m sure!

George P. Bush's campaign bus in a shopping center in Pasadena, Texas, on the first leg of a statewide tour, Jan. 14. | Photo courtesy of the author Read more:
George P. Bush’s campaign bus in a shopping center in Pasadena, Texas, on the first leg of a statewide tour, Jan. 14. | Photo courtesy of the author

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More Tiff notes: And there was the time he stated his position on abortion and gay marriage when he was campaigning for land commissioner. Know why he was stating his position on these issues, which have NOTHING to do with his land commissioner campaign? Because he wants to be able to say — when he’s running for higher office — that “way back when I was land commissioner, I was saying I was pro-life and pro- traditional marriage.” Bookmark this. Screenshot it. Mark my words!

OK back to Juanita Jean’s article. I just can’t seem to stop myself.

He’s been spending more time on the campaign trail with his daddy than running his office in Texas.

jeb bush george p bush

Come to think of it, maybe that’s good news.

George Pee had a conference call with his closest supporters and even they were dumbfounded when he explained that he had run for “dogcatcher” in Texas.

“There’s no better experience than getting involved in a presidential race because you truly do absorb so much more information than say, running for dog catcher like I did in Texas,” he said, according to the Houston Chronicle’s Brian Rosenthal.

But he didn’t stop there. When asked if he was going to help with the presidential campaign, he explained —

When he began to talk about where his father and brother would be campaigning, he said he was “stuck here in Texas this week, but will be out on the trail.”

So, here we have a young man with a $167,070 a year job that oversees the Texas School Fund and all the damn land in Texas. Land commissioner is the oldest, continuous elected position in Texas history. But, George Pee considers that dogcatcher.

I wonder if he knows he’s not “stuck in Texas.” He can leave at any time. In my mind, the sooner, the better.

Damn Bushes.

Tiff’s note: here’s a video of the buttclown son of Jeb Bush and more information about how dirty he is. My boyfriend is sitting here aghast, asking “What the F does this have to do with Land Commissioner???”

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