The Issue Of U.S. Gun Violence In Charts And Graphs

A picture, the old saying goes, speaks louder than a thousand words. And since President Obama will sign an executive order later today dealing with the issue of guns in the United States, this seems like the ideal time to use some images–in the form of charts and graphs–which show just how desperately needed the President’s action is.

Now, I don’t expect to convince anyone who is an absolutist on the Second Amendment to change his or her mind as a result of the information I’m about to provide. And that’s fine. This is just an attempt to put some information on the table for those who want to learn and seek rational change.

The United States Has More Guns Per Capita Than Any Other Nation


Demand For Guns Is Steadily On The Rise In The U.S.

#Of Background Checks By Year-1999-2012


American Gun Deaths Vs. Deaths By Terrorism 


Who Spends The Most Lobbying Congress On The Gun Issue? 


Featured Image by Wikimedia available under a Creative Commons license.