Watch Bernie Celebrate His Victory By Shooting Hoops With Grandkids

If you have been watching the primary predictions, then you know that Bernie Sanders was projected to win in New Hampshire.

What some did not expect, however, is the complete landslide victory.

Sanders’ win also made history as:

“he quietly achieved a major milestone in American politics: becoming the first Jew and non-Christian to win a presidential primary of a major political party.”

After the polls closed in New Hampshire Tuesday evening, and immediately knowing he secured a victory, Sanders decided to spend time with family before he made his victory speech.

Instead of the normal pictures of family celebrating in a hotel room, cameras caught Sanders doing this with his two sons and seven grandchildren:

Just like his potential predecessor, Sanders not only is making history, but also enjoys shooting hoops! At least we know that with a Sanders’ presidential victory, the basketball court at the White House will stay where it is.

Featured image is a screenshot from Youtube.