MPAA Deemed Michael Moore’s ‘Where To Invade Next’ Too Dangerous For American Teens To See On Their Own

Michael Moore’s anticipated “Where To Invade Next” is opening nationally in movie theaters this weekend, but the filmmaker himself has been sick with pneumonia and unable to promote the film “live”.

Instead, he’s been composing a message to American High School Students on his website, encouraging them not only to see his film, but also providing pointers of how to sneak in. Why?

Because the film is rated “R”, and Moore feels the reason for the rating is because the MPAA has deemed his film too dangerous for teenagers to see on their own. And why would that be, if there’s no profanities, splatter, nudity or anything else that could be perceived offensive to justify the “R” rating? According to Moore:

“Some people would prefer you not know how teenagers in the rest of the world are treated. Bottom line: They’re not treated like babies and inmates. They are treated like full-grown human beings with dignity and rights. Lots of rights.”

This is why Moore feels it’s important for the students to see the film, in order to understand what they are missing out on. So he offers specific advices of how to sneak in to movie theaters and see his film. To see how, visit his web site

“Where To Invade Next” is celebrated by film critics, and has won numerous awards on film festivals around the world. You can read Liberal America’s positive review of the film here, and you can also see the official trailer below:

Official trailer of Michael Moore’s “Where To Invade Next” on Youtube. Permission to share under Creative Commons.

Featured image screen cap from Michael Moore’s “Where To Invade Next”-trailer on Youtube. Permission to use under Creative Commons.