Film Producer Tweets Hilarious Female Character Descriptions, Results Are Shockingly Sexist

A film producer in Los Angeles has started tweeting the one-note introductions to female characters in order to show how sexist and cliché the industry really is.

Despite having posted less than 50 tweets, Ross Putman already has just under 60,000 followers on his Twitter account @femscriptintros and the account, which is dedicated to exposing the ridiculous descriptions of female characters in movie scripts, is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Putman’s Twitter biography reads:

“Producer. These are intros for female leads in actual scripts I read. Names changed to JANE, otherwise verbatim. Update as I go. Apologies if I quote your work.”

Putnam posts the lines one by one and changes every single character’s name to Jane. Recent examples of his tweets include:

“JANE stands next to it (30s) dressed in a paramedic’s uniform — blonde, fit, smokin’ hot.”

“JANE (late 20s) sits hunched over a microscope. She’s attractive, but too much of a professional to care about her appearance.”

Although the description of each female character differs from another, each description lays blatant emphasis on the character’s physical beauty.

The film producer has spoken out about his decision to begin tweeting the character notes, stating:

“Over time, I started to just notice that there were so many scripts engaging in this casual misogyny. It was a pattern.”

Putnam lays bare the blatant sexism and stereotyping that occurs within the film industry and demonstrates the sleazy way in which female characters are portrayed.

Putnam says in reference to the character notes:

“She’s attractive first, intelligent second. Second of all, why do we need to say that? It doesn’t help you describe a character. It’s just vague, bad writing. But it’s also subtly sexist.”


Image by Old Hollywood Daily.

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