In Open Letter On Nutjob Website, Pat Boone Suspends His ‘Campaign’ For Presidency

The general election is coming down to the wire with only a handful of candidates left on both sides of the ticket. With Jeb! Bush recently suspends his campaign, many felt this was the last of the dropouts in the presidential race. In a stunning announcement, however, legendary crooner Pat Boone also decided to drop out of the running. What makes this even more legendary is no one knew he was even campaigning for president.

Pat Boone

In an editorial on a certified nut job website (World Net Daily), Boone announced that he would suspend his campaign for president. While no one can deny the singer’s love for America, Pat’s plan was to unveil his presidential bid one week before the actual election to give Americans a “viable” third choice in an election that is gearing up to be a battle between a hate monger and a pretty cool socialist.

Now whether Boone did this as a joke or truly aspired to become Commander-in-Chief is unknown.

As far as the female vote, he was slated to choose Lady Gaga as his running mate. Huh?